Alice in Wonderland Costumes, Sets, Props for rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Alice in Wonderland Costumes, Sets, Props for Rent (Backdrops rented from Grosh). Contact Kristina Keener Ivy at 626-675-4439 or for details. We can ship costumes and props, but sets must be picked up in San Dimas, CA. We usually do two week rentals and ask $75 for lead and principal looks (top, bottom, wig, accessories) and $25 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300 each. Please email a list of items you need for the best price quote possible.

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Costumes: 3 Alice Dresses size xs, s, l with white aprons, petticoats, blonde wigs and black head bands 1 Caterpillar/Butterfly – size m-xl (elastic waist) 3 Cheshire Cats – size s-l, fur vests, fur ears, fur leg warmers (black undergarments not provided) 1 gold door knob nose 1 Dodo Bird Costume – sizes xs-xl available 1 White Rabbit female jacket with hat size s-m 1 Queen of Hearts Dress size l-xl and small crown 1 King of Hearts costume – cape, vest, crown (can fit all sizes) 1 Elephant Costume – gray jump suit and elephant hat (size s-l) 1 Donkey Costume – gray jump suit and donkey hat (size s-l) 2 dark blue, child belly dancer costumes – sizes child s-m 6 Red Lobster Costumes – sizes s-l Twiddle Dum & Twiddle Dee – child size s-m and adult size s, red fedora hat with feather (tights not included) 1 Female Mad Hatter – sizes s-m, boots, black and white leggings, large and small hat 1 Male Mad Hatter – sizes m-xl, boots, brown puff pants, purple jacket, vest, large and small hat 1 March Hare – sizes m-xl, brown hat, brown cape, orange vest, brown pants, white puffy shirt 6 Lead Flower Costumes – (sizes s-xl), green leaf mittens, flower head pieces 50+ card costumes (sizes s-l) 12+ tea cup heads 30+ Mad Hatter Hats 50+ Various 1910’s ensemble costumes male and female and hats 4 black/white Mathilda dress with hat (sizes s-l) 50+ various sea creatures for the caucus race (see our Little Mermaid rental items) 50+ green dresses and flower head bands Props: Large magnifying glass Large old timey books Large tea pot (cake no longer available) 8 plastic tea cups 1 gold clock for rabbit 1 broken clock 2 large arms Various baskets with fruit and fabric 4 red paint brushes and red paint buckets 4 red heart staffs 1 large key 8 “rabbit hole” umbrellas 1 large judge gavel 3 large blue flags (we have other flags for magic effect as well) Sets: 2 doors with openings for doorknob and hand 6 court room benches Court room judge’s stand and witness booth 2 large tables 6 formal chairs Rabbit’s house and large mushroom are no longer available