Descendants Costumes, Props, Sets in Los Angeles, CA

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We can ship costumes and props, but sets must be picked up in Pomona, CA. We usually do two week rentals and ask $75-$150 for lead and principal looks (top, bottom, wig, accessories) and $25 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300 each. Please email a list of items you need for the best price quote possible and the dates needed so I can make sure the items are available.

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1 Mal Jacket 

1 Purple Wig

1 Evie Jacket 

1 Blue Wig 

1 Red Jewel Crown 

1 Carlos Jacket 

1 Jay Jacket

1 Maleficent Dress 

1 Maleficent Cane 

1 Evil Queen Dress 

1 Jafar Dress 

1 Snake Staff 

1 Fur Coat 

1 Dalmation Costume 

1 Yellow Belle Dress 

1 King Coat 

1 King Crown 



1 Magic Book 

1 magic wand