Into the Woods Jr. Set & Milky White

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Located in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

I designed and built the set for a production of Into the Woods Jr.  It can be used for elementary school, middle school, high school, a church or community function, etc.

My concept is/was a fairytale story book opened up to be the stage. The background and all other items come from the storybook.  (I have a lot more pictures than I can post here!)

I am selling:

1) 6 - 4'x8' platforms w/ side ramps

2) 1 - 4'x6' platform

3) 3 - 11'6" x 6'6" drops painted with as a forest (each drop is grommeted so it can be used on flies or freestanding)

4) 2 - 4'x6' free-standing side panel drops (painted on both sides with a forest and one panel with a cabin)

5) 4 - tree stumps (two used in rehearsal and two used during the performances) which can be sat or stood upon

6) 4 - trees on casters

7) 1 - reversible unit on casters doubling as Rapunzel's tower on one side and Cinderella's mother's oak tree on the other

8) 1 - 4'x7' upstage entrance/exit (its in two pieces which are attached to make one solid piece)

9) 1 - Milky White cow on casters

10) Various props (harp, Baker's shop foods, etc.)