Cindy Says: Stage Your Summer

Cindy Says: Stage Your Summer

We all have mentors and heroes throughout our career.  Sometimes, we artists come up on the dry side and have the luxury of recalling some of those timeless lessons.  Helen Kemp was one of those souls for me.  Her philosophies and materials always centered around the whole child and influenced the groundwork I laid for kids as a young teacher myself..  “Body, mind, spirit, voice.  It takes the whole person to sing and rejoice!”   Yup – that’s my favorite quote from this 96 year old jewel of a woman.  When I find a presentation, lesson or rehearsal is not up to standards, it usually is because I haven’t balanced body, mind, and spirit.

Summer is an opportunity and your obligation as an artist educator to explore some words that have the lovely prefix of re. It’s your chance to recharge and reinspire.  When I have spoken with many of you lately, one word clearly comes to mind - depleted.

So lets allow Helen’s quote to guide us into some much needed first aid for people who do the crazy, wonderful, rewarding and exhausting job of directing musical theater with kids.  Scoop up a few words from each category and begin your “out of the box” summer homework.  


Rejuvenate: Whatever it takes- a good read, a hip-hop dance class, organic gardening or simply acting immature.

Refuel: Try eating for energy and well being.  You might find some new favs!

Recreate: Search out an activity that you have secretly wanted to try.  Your choice to reveal or not!  Leave the stress behind.


Research: Maybe it’s a show that you never thought possible or simply a chance to enrich your repertoire.

Retool: Take some professional development in the Big Apple. We’d love to have you!


Redesign: Take a look from another perspective. Learn something new.  It can be life-changing.

Reimagine: Shoot for the moon and stay there awhile.  


Relax: A “time-out” from all social media can be enlightening.

Reflect: Give yourself permission to rewind.  Do it alone or with your pals. 

So stage your summer well. You work hard so play hard.  Who knows, it may be your creative renaissance!  Lucky kids. - CR  

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