Cindy Says: Traveling like a pro - with tons of musical theatre kids?

Cindy Says: Traveling like a pro - with tons of musical theatre kids?

By Cindy Ripley on November 26, 2018

This season of the year illuminates how much we all have to be grateful for. For me, there is no doubt that one of life's richest treasures has been what I have learned from the remarkable people that do what we all do - create with kids! The majority of us wear multiple hats with an incredible amount of expertise! Becoming a Travel Planner for performing groups was not a college major for most of us.

So, I asked one of our Junior Theatre Festival veterans, the most delightful and very experienced Anne Marie Pringle of Musical Mayhem Productions in Elk Grove CA, to share a few of her trade secret weapons for traveling with kids!

No singing in public.

Anne Marie tells her students that when they sing together they sound like a heavenly choir, but fellow humans do not want to hear them sing while walking down the street. Be respectful of everyone's personal space - including their ears.

When traveling by car, make sure everyone rides in the same car every time.

This is a safeguard to make sure everyone is accounted for. Nothing is worse than thinking Johnny is in Car 1, when Car 1 thinks he is in Car 2, and in reality, he is in the bathroom.

Set up group texting.

Remind your group where to meet at 30 minutes beforehand, and again in 15 minutes.

Be twinsies!

When everyone is dressed alike, it is easy to find members of your group!

Always walk 2 by 2.

It gets you where you need to be very easily. Line up behind the director. Chaperones should NOT be next to the group. They should also be 2 by 2 - at the end of the line.

Students MUST carry their own belongings.

If they decide to take 500 books with them, it is their personal responsibility to carry them. It is not their chaperone's responsibility.

Fill a rolling suitcase with snacks.

This makes it easy to transport, and when you have a break everyone can just grab what they need.

No singing in public.

See rule #1

Always have a positive attitude

Remember, everything is fixable, everything can be fun, and everything improves when you have a good attitude.

Traveling with your young performers can be life-changing. With some guidelines, you can be as "rehearsed" for the trip as you are for the show. CR

Anne Marie Pringle is happy to answer emails regarding travel tips!

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