THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH TYA Version -- Now Available for Licensing!

THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH TYA Version -- Now Available for Licensing!

MTI is very pleased to announce that in addition to THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH and THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH JR, licensing is now available for THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH TYA!

Theatre For Young Audiences Collection

MTI's TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) Collection features musicals for adults to perform for children. TYA shows usually have cast requirements of 6-12 actors, and have running times under 90 minutes.

MTI and the national TYA organization, work with various creative teams to edit and abridge their original works, making them more accessible for young audiences and small performance ensembles. Click here to learn more about TYA!

It's Educational

Read the Book!

Fun songs like "At the Market" and "Subtraction Stew" explore the worlds of vocabulary, grammar, and numbers, making the show educational for young audiences. When adapting the wonderful book into musical form, Juster, Black, and Harnick were especially careful to maintain the whimsical and scholastic nature of the original piece.
Helpful Resources on MTI ShowSpace
MTI ShowSpace is the place to get all the help you need putting on a production of THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH TYA! With MTI's help and advice forum, Show Support, you can get answers to questions that might come up during the course of your production.
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