Portable Pioneer and Prairie Show

Portable Pioneer and Prairie Show
A lively band of traveling players relates the story of their ancestors in this exhilarating tale of American prairie life.

A unique blend of folk legend and half-forgotten prairie history, Portable Pioneer and Prairie Show is a stirring, compelling and highly original celebration of a little-known immigrant experience. In true traveling show fashion, a small, versatile ensemble handles all of the performing chores with gusto (they can even double as the show's musicians), highlighted by an appealing score of dazzling breadth by Mel Marvin (Tintypes).

This warm and touching, late-nineteenth-century saga takes Lars and Kristina Andersson from the barren fields of Warmeland, Sweden, to the rich black soil of America. There, the Anderssons strive to make a home through childbirth, ravaging locusts and a tour of the Midwest as the unlikely stars of a popular traveling troupe.

Offering a glimpse into a little-known moment in America's history, the Portable Pioneer and Prairie Show is perfect for theatres that are looking to educate as well as entertain. The show calls for simple staging and design needs to tell a beautiful story, allowing for a great production while utilizing minimum resources.



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