Join Uncle Billy and his traveling tent show on a Wild West adventure in this pioneering musical.

Based on Lynn Riggs' play (the same author whose Green Grow the Lilacs served as the backbone to Oklahoma!), Roadside looks at the people who fought against statehood for the principals of freedom and individualism. This hilarious and raucous show from Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt (The Fantasticks) pays homage to a vanished world of homespun variety shows, loaded with corn, clowns and olio.

Roadside is filled with the characters that have shaped our fantasies of these saddle-sore American pioneers. Pap Raider, having lost his wife, only wants the best for his beautiful, fiery daughter, Hannie; will it be the farmer, Buzzey, who's been following their wagon on foot for months, begging for her hand? Or will it be Texas, the larger-than-life, ornery cowboy who's on the run from the law?

This humorous and touching ride through the West, as told by an old-fashioned traveling tent show, is fun for the whole family. The music is as lively as the conversation and is sure to be a foot-stompin' good time.



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