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June 11, 2020
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Hello! I know you said that this will be released in early Winter 2021. Does that mean like January? If so can we book the show before hand so we can start rehearsals as soon as it is realeased? I work at an all boys school & my boys at my school really wanted to do this show this year when we thought it was being realeased in August 2020. They will be 8th graders and since it is their last year at my school and the restrictions that will most likely be in place, this would be the perfect show because there aren't many girl roles. Please try to realease it early! It will bring joy to so many children after these uncertain times. Yesterday, at our drive-by goodbyes, the 8th grade boys said that they are most looking forward to doing this play at school next year. Thank you! 

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June 12, 2020

Hi! Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early bookings for a show that is not yet available for licensing. At the moment, the exact release date for Newsies JR. is unknown. To stay updated, go to the show page and click "Follow".