How many performances of Honk! Jr. are recommended for a small town children's theater?

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October 23, 2013
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How many performances of Honk! Jr. are recommended for a small town children's theater? I am currently contracted w/ MTI for two shows but now have parents questioning why we aren't doing more. Just wondering what the statistics bear for a relatively unknown show such as Honk! Jr. Thanks
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October 28, 2013
Is this your first production with this group of kids? If yes.. then as Scuttle would answer "It's hard to say". If no.. then I would think that you have a sense already as to how big your potential audience is. "Honk! Jr." is a great show, and although some may think it lacks "name appeal" .. word of mouth would certainly apply. For our troupe here, "Honk! Jr." was our first "Jr" production ever, so we limited ourselves to two performances. If I were to do it today (5 yrs later).. I would be doing three. One option for getting the word of mouth going, is to invite Girl Guides and/or Cub Scouts to visit some of your rehearsals. Give them a about the roles within the theatre.. and then show them some of the upcoming show in rehearsal. It is certain to get some heads turning. "Cool" Lastly.. don't forget to post pictures when you are done!!

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October 23, 2013
Hi Marian, your question has so many conditions to be able to answer. It depends on age of cast, size of community, size of performance space and performance traditions. 2 is usually perfect in a small community, but know that a majority if parents will come every performance. Many families are used to dance recitals which have multiple performances for their convenience. If you are worried about running out if seating, add a third night and do a presale. I personally would rather have an enthusiastic house both nights.