Audrey II Puppet Package

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Make your show stand out with our professionally built Audrey II puppets.  The package includes all four stages of Audrey II’s growth.  Stage Four also includes four dead Blooms and extra vines.  Rental starts at $600 for two weeks.  Shipping and Handling are extra.  You can find out more by going to this link, Costumes are also available.


As a full service theatrical contractor, A to Z Theatrical is in the unique position to offer “Show Packages” that provide a combination of rentals and services from our array of departments. Combine costumes, props, set pieces, backdrops, even lighting and audio rentals into a custom package made just for you! We have thousands of complete costumes and approximately 50,000 individual pieces of wardrobe apparel in our 10,000 square foot showroom. We will hand select items from our collection, building unique pieces, and/or making adjustments so everything fits perfectly into your production.  Actor measurements are needed no later than 4 weeks prior to you needing them so that every attention is given to making your show shine!


Let our team of trained theatrical experts help you put on the best show possible using all of the resources available to us. For quotes and further show package information for your production, please contact us at (816) 523-1655, check out our website or email your