Gertrude McFuzz Skirt and Tail

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  • Gertrude's full tail
  • Gertrude's first tail
  • Gertrude's one-feather tail

Perfect skirt setup to make your Gertrude AMAYZING! Includes one skirt with one-feather tail, zipper pouch and boa tail, and larger, detachable tail. Additional feathers and/or boas are easy to add.

In our production of Seussical, Gertrude wore the plain skirt until "Amayzing Gertrude" during the Pillberry Bush sequence. During this time, the Bird Girls unzipped the secret pouch in the back of Gertrude's dress and revealed her "first tail." After this song, Gertrude exits and her larger tail was attached offstage. She wore for the first scene in Act Two, but removed it before "All For You."

$50 in Yuba City, CA, USA! Please reach out with questions and comments!