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Gorgeous custom Mamma Mia costumes for rental. Please email for inquiries. Check out additional photos at

Pieces available include:

-Finale costumes for Donna in yellow, Rosey in red, Tanya in orange, Sam, Bill, and Harry in coordinating colors as well as Sophie and Sky in blue 

-Dynamos three white jumpsuits for "Super Trouper"  

-9 short wetsuits available for "Lay All Your Love"

-For wedding scene we have suits with skirts for Donna and Tanya and a pantsuit for Rosey 

-Two matching bridesmaids dresses for Ali and Lisa in light pink   

-Nightmare scene at the top of Act II in which girls wore skirted bathing suits in black and white with green swim caps, life belts, and neon gloves.  Men wore black and white swim trunks with black and white swim caps, life vests, and neon gloves 

-Wedding gown for Sky is a size 12 and strapless 

-Dad nightmare outfits are black and white checkered pants/vest with black tailcoats and green ties