The Music Man

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  • Music Man 1912 dress gown
  • music man 1912 dress gown
  • Music Man pastel dresses
  • Music Man 1912 Pastel Gowns

Costuming a large cast of The Music Man? Look no further! We have delightful and beautifully constructed gowns for the 1912 time period for all the different scenes.  Our Harold Hill costumes were built in a faithful homage to the 1962 movie with Robert Preston.  We have the iconic red Band costumes in a generous range of sizes. We have the "Grecian Urn" costumes, children's costumes and many more.  After working for years as costume designers for schools, we recognized a need for theatrical-quality costumes that could be rented online at a reasonable cost. We are the first company to create an e-commerce platform enabling you to search, source, reserve and rent costumes in one easy step.  We are working on photographing our collection, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please email us at  We have no minimums-we know sometimes you are only looking to fill in the missing pieces. We offer 10% discounts to all non-profits and additional discounts for large orders.  We ship nationwide.