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  • Sweeney Todd Premium Rental Scenery - The Pie Shop - Front Row Theatrical Rental - 800-250-3114
  • Sweeney Todd Premium Rental Scenery - The Pie Shop - Front Row Theatrical Rental - 800-250-3114

Front Row Theatrical Rental is pleased to introduce its brand-new Premium Sweeney Todd  Rental set. This set travels in only ONE truck and draws inspiration from the Broadway show, real London pie shops and a bit of dark imagination. 

The set is consists of a beautiful unit set with various wagons and flys to add or alter location. This set is framed in by 3 different portals.   

Front Row's Sweeney Todd set rental features all of the expected scenes - the pie shop, the London Street, Judge Turpins Mansion, St. Dunstans Marketplace, Fogg's Asylum, Todd's Apartment and more.

This Sweeney Todd rental scenery is best for larger stages and for professional theaters, regional theaters and academic institutions with audiences who are used to seeing the biggest, boldest and most grand scenery, costumes and projections.

Questions? Call us at 800-250-3114 or email us at - this set is  in pre-release but IS available for bookings. Call for more information or email us at


Why rent from Front Row Theatrical Rental?

  1. Front Row Theatrical Rental is run by professional stage hands which is a major advantage. No one knows how to design and load-in a set better than professional stage hands. Clients can expect, a well thought-out, well designed, professional set rental that will wow their clients.
  2. Front Row Theatrical offers optional concierge tech services*. From on-site technicians for load-in and load-outs, to costume alterations made before the rental package ships to in-house logistics experts handling the trucking, Front Row provides piece of mind for its customers.
  3. Additionally, all of Front Row’s rental scenery fits into only semi truck.  With trucking prices at all time highs, one truck set rentals save clients thousands of dollars. Such substantial savings mean more money available for additional patrons enhancements.

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