Olaf and Sven puppets

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  • Olaf with flurry Frozen Sven
  • Olaf Sven Frozen
  • Sven Olaf Frozen in summer
  • Sven and kristoff

What would MTI's Frozen Jr be without Sven and Olaf? Olaf comes to life with controlled independent eyebrows, arm, and mouth movements. Olaf can melt, jiggle, bend and bounce with ease. The performer behind him is 5'2" and can perform comfortably in this lightweight foam and aluminum structure.  Sven has controlled eyelids, ears, mouth, and tongue! Along with those movements, another hand controls the height, pitch, and roll of the head itself.  His back legs move naturally with a line that is connected to the adjacent front leg (or performer's legs).  This, along with a buoyant neck attachment gives Sven a natural reindeer movement when the performer walks. In the pictures of Sven, the performer is 5'10" tall. These two sturdy puppets were a blast to watch come to life. We also have costumes and specific props to rent along with to fill all your needs for Frozen Jr