An Update from MTI President & CEO Drew Cohen

An Update from MTI President & CEO Drew Cohen

By Drew H. Cohen on September 16, 2020

To all MTI Customers:

The past several months have been an extremely trying time for everyone—not just for those in the theater community, but I can safely say especially for those involved in live theater. While your ability to produce theater has been greatly inhibited and in most cases blocked entirely, we at MTI have been encouraged by the enduring spirit of our customers. You have communicated to MTI that you are determined to emerge from this pandemic ready to take the stage, light the lights, and bring the joy of live theater to your audiences and performers.


As most of you know, MTI launched a streaming platform in anticipation of the time when performers are able to gather on stage, but when audiences may be limited in number by local regulations. In the meantime, many groups are using the platform to present video of their past productions as a way to generate ticket revenue and stay connected to their patron communities. While permission to stream is not available for all shows in MTI's catalogue, the long list of available titles continues to grow. The list of shows available for streaming will be updated with any additions in real time. If a show is not on the list, please do not contact MTI asking to stream that show. We are working to offer as many titles as possible, but for legal reasons, many are not (and will not be) available for streaming.

Remote Performances

Because of the ongoing nature of the pandemic, many customers have realized that gathering on stage for a live production will not be possible (even to stream to remote audiences). MTI has been working with the authors we represent to allow customers to present certain shows as "remote productions" (sometimes referred to as Zoom productions). A "Remote Production" is a production of the show in which cast members perform individually from remote locations rather than live onstage and the individual performances are edited together to create a single video performance. That video performance can then be offered to the patrons/parent body via the secure streaming platform. We all know that there is no substitute for live theater, but these options will allow performers and audiences to enjoy the performances safely in the meantime. As we obtain rights for Remote Performances, we will post an updated list of available titles on our website. Please do not contact our licensing representatives about titles not on the list, as those titles are not available for Remote Performances.

Online Editions

MTI has already made available a number of Online Editions TM for young performers that have been adapted to approximately 20-minutes in length and are designed to be presented for remote performance and remote viewing via social media or video conferencing software. Shows include The Big One-Oh! and Dear Edwina.

On an administrative note, we understand that many of our customers have expressed frustration regarding the processing of refunds. Our wonderful licensing representatives and finance team have been working incredibly hard (remotely) to keep up with the requests and inquiries from our customers. We now have limited access to our offices and have beeb processing refunds as expeditiously as possible. Your action is required in order to update your refund preferences, so please review the below options and then proceed to MyMTI at the link below.

Refunds & On Account

Many customers have chosen to leave their funds "On Account" with MTI for a number of reasons. One main reason shared with us is that the paperwork involved in securing funds within their organization, particularly in the school environment, can be daunting. In addition, customers have pointed out that their annual theater budgets have a "use it or lose it" component, so instead of foregoing that portion of their budgets, they would prefer to simply leave the funds On Account with MTI and apply them to their next licensed production(s) when it is time to resume performances.

The On Account feature is easy to select through MyMTI. Log in to your MyMTI account and select whether you wish to:

a) leave your funds On Account with MTI for your future use with any MTI-licensed productions

b) leave your funds On Account temporarily, with MTI processing your refund no sooner than December 1, 2020 (e.g., if you do not currently have access to the location/office where the payment will be mailed)

c) request that your refund be processed and mailed as soon as possible.

When you log in to MyMTI, you will see the page containing these three (3) On Account options.

As we all navigate uncertain waters, MTI will continue to do what we can to support you and your theater programs. We know that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and that we will reach it together. In the meantime, I sincerely hope that you and those close to you have been able to stay safe and healthy. 

Best regards,

Drew Cohen
President and CEO