Brisa’s Pieces: Go Big Or Go Home

Brisa’s Pieces: Go Big Or Go Home

By Brisa Trinchero on January 11, 2013
I consider myself lucky that not a week goes by where I don’t see at least one, if not several, musicals. I see everything from community theater to Broadway. As is to be expected, the quality of the shows is all over the board at every level.

However, what I prize more than great source material, tight directing, or a talented cast is the level of COMMITMENT of everyone involved.  I’d rather see a hundred high school productions where the students are radiating pure joy and raw talent on stage as opposed to a “professional” production if the players look bored. Wouldn’t you agree?

What makes live theater truly exciting and unique is the opportunity for audiences to see someone putting it all on the line; live and in person. Ask any of the most successful people in theater and they’ll tell you that they learned early on that to put on a truly great show, no matter your role on-stage or off, you have to GO BIG or go home.

Musical theater is an industry fueled by passion, guts and enthusiasm. We’re all putting ourselves on the line physically and emotionally every time we commit to bringing a musical theater production to life. Your show won’t be always perfect. You’re creating art and it’s a hit and miss business no matter who you are. That’s just showbiz. Literally.

But whether you’re an actor, director, designer, or the third chorus girl from the left, give yourself permission to go big. No matter if you’re doing BIG in a blackbox or GODSPELL on the Great White Way - put it all out there. And support your colleagues who do the same. Yes, some people may think you’re crazy - but luckily, in our business, you won’t be committed for making a commitment.

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