Play Those Hard-to-Find Sounds with Keyboard Patch Solutions™

Play Those Hard-to-Find Sounds with Keyboard Patch Solutions™

Sometimes being faithful to the score of an MTI musical requires unique, signature keyboard/synthesizer patches integral to the orchestration. The challenge for musical directors is when these authentic sounds are difficult to find and even more difficult to re-produce correctly.

That’s why we created MTI’s Keyboard Patch SolutionsTM – an easy to use resource designed specifically to meet the needs of productions that want convenient, cost-effective access to these hard-to-find keyboard sounds. We’ve carefully assembled all the patches required for a given show and packaged them as one easy-to-use program.

Everything is laid out in correct sequential order, so you can easily progress through each song in each keyboard book with professional, authentic, show-specific sounds. All you have to do is connect any standard keyboard (or multiple keyboards) to your computer and you’ll be ready to perform. And we’ll help you every step of the way.
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