Talent Springs Eternal

Talent Springs Eternal – Fame Forever
The twentieth reunion of the Class of '84 sets the stage for a new generation of artists pursuing their dreams.

Talent Springs Eternal – Fame Forever tells the mystical story of two souls who connect to each other before birth and time travel to life at the Fame School in New York City between 2004 and 2014. The musical play was inspired by Mildred Cram's romantic novella, Forever; the classic Bernstein/Sondheim musical, West Side Story; Georges Bizet's popular opera, Carmen; and Thornton Wilder's timeless play, Our Town. Read and listen along for free on the Fame Network.

This multi-generational musical is a great choice for community theatre groups and colleges that specialize in theatre training, with wonderful roles for teens, young adults and middle-age performers. This musical can also be staged as "Concert Theatre – for Actors, Singers and Dancers," with the whole company onstage and no moving scenery – just lights, costumes and perhaps projections.

Listen to and read Talent Springs Eternal FOR FREE

Don't miss this opportunity to listen to Talent Springs Eternal and read the libretto on The Fame Network FOR FREE.

"Talent Springs Eternal – Fame Forever Fame Forever is a real mystical musical play with DNA -and the story reincarnates the spirit of Michael Peters. Here it and read it here: Fame Network: Talent Springs Eternal." - David "Father Fame De Silva

And be sure to visit The Fame Network for more features, reviews, audio and video clips – as well as to contact "Father Fame," David De Silva.

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