Bring in the Morning

Bring in the Morning
A moving examination of race and class, based on the writings of students from New York's Poets in Public Service project.

Bring in the Morning is a slamming, contemporary piece plucked from the lips of the poets living its story. This honest and moving musical is based on writings from New York's Poets in Public Service program, in which professional writers visit schools, hospitals, rehab centers and homes for unwed mothers to encourage youngsters to put their feelings to paper.

Desperate to protect his friends and family from following in his footsteps down a path from which he has just recently escaped, Cougar uses tough love to educate the young members of his community. Whether it's his sister, Alicia, his friends, Roberto and Jamal, or his girlfriend, Lakesha, nearly every teenager is positively impacted by Cougar. Each individual has his or her own tale of harrowing struggle and ultimate accomplishment, many because of Cougar.

A jaw-dropping musical that strips away the layers of multiracial city living, Bring in the Morning has an undeniably poetic book with pleasingly eclectic songs. The ideal amount of tragedy and comedy is perfectly bookended by the show's triumphant finale, making it an incredible choice for any theatre not afraid of poignant edginess.



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