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  • Large Costume Warehouse

With 17 years and more than 350 productions under our belt, A Cut Above Costumes has the experience and the inventory to provide high quality costuming to any type of production - from schools to community to regional, we can help you achieve a professional polish that will make your production sing.

One of the most performed musicals for 2019, Newsies takes place in a difficult time period to costume - after the 1850s but prior to the 1920s.  We have dozens of 1899 period costumes - cutaway, double-breasted men’s suits, dresses with reduced bustles, knickers, and more.

About us:

  • Shipping to anywhere in the United States
  • Professional costumers with over four decades of theatre experience will work with you to realize your vision
  • 17 years in business, over 350 productions costumed
  • 50,000+ costumes in our warehouse
  • Alterations provided as part of the quote, to ensure a good fit for your actors
  • We have a large range of sizes for both children and adults, from toddler sizes to adult plus-sizes.  We can meet the sizing needs of your talented performers.
  • We can help with whatever your show needs, from individual hard-to-find pieces to full costuming and design of large scale shows

Contact us for a quote today via e-mail at or via phone at (512) 452-5576.