Mille Stenog Desks, stick phones, typewriters

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Bundle package for Thoroughly Modern Mille:  Stenog Desks -up to 12, Stenog stick phones- (up to 12), typewriters

With the rental of 8-12 you may recieve a discount and rent these altogether for $145 for 2 weeks prior to show.

Includes: desk, hone, typwewriter

This discount is good through February 1st.

Bundle package for rentals booked after February 1st are $165 each for 2 week rental.

This does not include delivery.  

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 516.375.7571 with any questions.  We love to help!

We have the entire lot of costumes for Millie (designed from the Broadway Show) ,How2$ and many others.

Additional set pieces for Millie include Speak Easy sign and secret entrance, Window, jail cells, laundry carts.  Very good discount if rented with desks.