"Alice in Wonderland" Available to Rent and MANY MORE!

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  • Alice in Wonderland - Alice & Queen of Hearts Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - Stage Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - Queen of Hearts & Court Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - Card Costumes - Hearts Diamonds Clubs Spades
  • Alice in Wonderland - Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - Knight Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - Tea Party Costumes - Mad Hatter, Dormouse, Cheshire Cat
  • Alice in Wonderland - Alice, White Rabbit, & Cheshire Cat Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland - King of Hearts & Executioner Costumes

Disguises Costumes is an 18,000 square foot superstore with over 250,000 costumes. It has been serving theatres and schools in the Denver community and throughout the United States for over 23 years.

"Alice in Wonderland" is one of the many shows that Disguises rents out for theatrical productions.  

Please visit disguisescostumes.com/Theatrical_Productions to see additional costume photographs and show listings.

Disguises Theatre Department is staffed with a costume supervisor, two theatre specialists, and five resident seamstresses. Our theatre rental pricing includes measuring (local shows only), alterations, ironing, and laundry. We put together shows keeping in mind what every individual director is envisioning while utilizing a trained and experienced costume design eye.  We do SHIP throughout the United States and Canada.

Most theatre costumes cost $45, the exception being very specialty and/or elaborate outfits.

We ship all over the United States

Please send any inquiries to theatre@disguisescostumes.com and ask for the "Theatre Packet".