The Big One-Oh!

The Big One-Oh!
The Big One-Oh! is a triumphant new musical for the whole family based on the book written by Academy Award-winner Dean Pitchford.

Charley Maplewood has never been one for parties – that would require friends, which he doesn’t have. Well, unless you count his monster friends, but they’re only imaginary. But now that he’s turning ten—the big one-oh—he decides to throw a birthday party for himself, complete with a “House of Horrors” theme. Of course, things don’t work out as he plans. Will Charley be able to pull it together before the big one-oh . . . becomes the big OH-NO!?

Based on the beloved book, The Big One-Oh! features lyrics by Academy Award-winner Dean Pitchford (author of the novel, Footloose), music by the acclaimed Tony-nominated Doug Besterman (Elf, Young Frankenstein), and a book by iTheatric's award-winning playwright Timothy Allen McDonald (Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka, James and the Giant Peach).

Recently produced at the Atlantic Theater Company.

This title is currently unavailable for licensing. Perusal and license applications are not available until release.

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September 15, 2020
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Need help with computer settings for online musical

Since the director's guide was put out, and the online workshops were given, apparently Zoom has changed some audio setting options. Is there an update to the info given in the guide anywhere, or who can I talk to? In the workshops we were told we could reach out for help but I'm not sure who to contact. Thanks.

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