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Questions & Answers

January 24, 2012
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Related shows or resources: 13
13, the Musical. Dealing with fear.
Just finished a production of 13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweetly innocent funny sassy show..and yes, I said innocent. BUT I am getting A LOT of flack from my community. I was so shocked...all I saw were these typical/stereotypical characters played by lovely children experiencing awkwardness and beauty...I have found out there have been calls to my superintendent and my principal about the content. I thought I had lost my mind. I thought I had been punked. Have I missed the adolescent curiosity and exploration? The fear of being rejected for , well, anything? The need to be accepted and the desperation to be a part of something? I have NEVER shied away from any conversation with my students. I answer simply the questions asked, and I always refer them to their parents first for their input. Many colleagues are reeling as well. I didn't think it was insulting or complicated at all. I thought and still think it was beautiful and funny and uncomfortable and amazing...just like adolescence. Please advise. How do I bring a community back together? The knives in my back are beginning to sting.
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January 23, 2012
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Related shows or resources: Rapunzel
Rapunzel Recording
Has anyone found a recording of "Rapunzel" (with words) by David Crane and Marta Kauffman? If so, where?
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January 07, 2012
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Related shows or resources: Annie JR.
Annie Jr. running time?
Hello!I'm trying to decide what to do for our May production. How long is the show running time for Annie Jr. ? Are running times for all shows indicated somewhere on the website? Thanks much!!Wanda
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January 03, 2012
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Related shows or resources: Spring Awakening
In the score there it says that there is a computer track and it is not rentable what have you done for the music that is not in the score?
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December 22, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Big The Musical
BIG the Musical - Music for the Touring version
Hi All, Was wondering if anyone can help me here, We are an amature society about to put on a production of BIG, however we are having trouble finding music at matches the actual score. We badly need it so the cheorographer can start working and we have something to rehearse with that is right. Can anyone point me in the right driection?Thanks in advanceJames
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December 15, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Avenue Q
Avenue Q Licensing Question
I heard a rumor that MTI required performance groups doing Avenue Q to either rent their puppets or build according to the original design specifications, but I couldn't find a comfirmation of this on the show page. So, how about it -- are original puppet designs legal? I should note that this is in reference to a college production.
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December 02, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Anne of Green Gables
Length of Anne of Green Gables
Can someone who has done Anne of Green Gables tell me how long the show is? It is listed as a one act and I am looking for a full length show.
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October 08, 2011
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Related shows or resources: The Music Man
Music Man Dance Music
Does anyone have either:1 . A recording of all of the dance music in the Music Man that actually aligns with the score?or2. A list of what measures in the score align with the music on any of the recordings? I'm having a heck of a time finding the music in the score that matches with what's on various recordings. And the choreographer has choreographed based on certain recordings, so I would rather just find it in the score. Specifically, I mean the Shipoopi, 76 Trombones, Marian Dance, It's You Ballet, Eulalie's Ballet, and the Chase Music.ThanksEmily McDuffee
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September 29, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Edges
What songs are in Edges???
So, I'm in the process of getting rights to perform "Edges", but I have a quick question...What songs are in the MTI licensed version of "Edges"?I've seen so many different songs that have been associated with this particular show. Some songs that I really love that weren't on the MTI information page for the show. So, from those who have used this version, what songs are in it?Thanks for any help!
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August 22, 2011
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Related shows or resources: 13
13 the musical for middle school
Here's my 2nd try at posting this!I'm thinking about putting on 13 with my middle school students this year. Ironically (unfortunately) I think the show may inappropriate (language, themes) to be put on at a public school. Anyone have any thoughts on this , or how to "clean" up the show?Also, I saw the show on Broadway, and realize there was a good deal of material cut from the version that is available for production. Is it possible to make the same cuts? It seems to make sense that if the creators made these cuts for a more successful show, that they intended to keep these cuts for successful future productions. I know shows are to be performed as written, but it seems these cuts would enhance the show. Any ideas?
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