Introducing Theatre on the Edge - A New Collection from MTI

Introducing Theatre on the Edge - A New Collection from MTI

A Collection of Shows as Diverse in Their Stories as Any In Our Extensive Catalogue

These are shows that move audiences to the edge of their seats with excitement and anticipation, pushing the envelope beyond the edge of the traditional into the realm of the innovative and the groundbreaking. They have prompted audiences to fall in love – to return again and again, and to share their feelings with other fans through blogs, fan clubs, and social media.

Why do they belong together?

The word ‘edge’ has several meanings, including these, taken straight from the dictionary:

edge - \ej\ (noun):
-incisive or penetrating quality; a noticeably  sharp quality
-keenness or intensity of desire or enjoyment
-the threshold of danger

THEATRE ON THE EDGE™ shows have several things in common:

  • they have garnered a disproportionate share of awards and critical acclaim.
  • they stimulate discussion and generate phenomenal word of mouth.
  • they attract audiences including those who might not otherwise be drawn to a musical.
  • they generate extensive cult followings and encourage repeat customers.
  • they reflect boldness and artistic integrity.
  • they sell tickets!

These are shows that connect on the deepest level with audiences; the ones that challenge them to think, to reflect, to wonder. We invite you to take a look and have a listen—you will love what you hear.  It is then up to you to share that pleasure with your audience.


  • 86 Drama Desk Award Nominations (DD)
  • 20 Drama Desk Awards (DD)
  • 68 Tony Award Nominations
  • 21 Tony Awards
  • 2 Pulitzer Prizes for Drama


While there are many shows in the THEATRE ON THE EDGE™ collection which have already been released, MTI is delighted to announce that two of the collection's cornerstones, NEXT TO NORMAL and BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON are now available for licensing.