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Related shows or resources: The Pirates of Penzance JR.
Appropriate audience for Pirates of Penzance Jr?
Our youth theatre group is considering Pirates of Penzance Jr. for our next season. I've been watching the movie and listening to the music and trying to figure out if it will work for us. We are heavily dependent on our school sales to support the company's productions, and I'm trying to imagine our grade school students coming to see this, and struggling a bit. I LOVE this musical - I think it's terrific; but I'm uncertain how young audiences will react. I have sent off for the perusal package to hear it and get a better sense, but would be grateful for feedback. We just did Peter Pan and had kindergarteners and grade 1 students flocking to our doors - who am I really targeting at our schools if we take this on? Is it going to work with the younger grades, and if so, do I need to make a package for them to prepare for it? I'd be grateful to hear of others' experiences.
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May 23, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Avenue Q, Avenue Q School Edition
Puppet Rentals
I cannot wait to bring this show to my theater, but am looking for options ( beyond socks) for puppets. What are people doing for puppets and where are you getting them?
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May 11, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Aida, Aida School Edition
Aida with a mostly white cast?
I am interested in doing Aida this year as I love the music and the story, however, our school and, even more, our theatre program is pretty much completely white.Has anyone done, or seen, Aida done with a primarily white cast? Does the story lose the impact?I am interested in hearing all of your thoughts.
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March 24, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Big The Musical
Big: The Musical
I might be doing Big: The Musical. I think I will have enough money for approx. 11 musicians. What is the most important for this musical to have it sound right.? Do I need both keyboards? sounds like you need guitar/banjo. What about number of woodwinds and brass.?? Thanks, JZ
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January 18, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Thoroughly Modern Millie, Thoroughly Modern Millie JR.
help with modern millie chinese characters
I am planning to do Modern Millie and I am uncomfortable/nervous about the whole chinese character spoof bit- i really do not know much about this show- assume it is supposed to be a spoof but am nervous about our white caucasian rural community not "getting it"...and on top of it we have a NEW AND SMALL aisan community now in the area that i do not want to offend....any advise as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated....
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January 14, 2011
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Related shows or resources: Hairspray
Is there any ideas or suggestions on how to perform Hairspray in our school that has very few minorities??? My drama kids love the show and the music and have no problem portraying characters of different ethnicities... but can this be done and NOT offend anyone????
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December 30, 2010
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Related shows or resources: A Funny Thing... Forum
Optional instrumentation for Forum
Getting ready to MD a community theater production of Forum. I've seen the orchestration list online. Can anyone comment on the following questions: * are any of the books optional? * are the woodwind doublings cued for optional instruments (I live in a small community, and it's difficult to find folks that double as indicated) Thanks. Any other words of wisdom from a conductor that has done the show would be appreciated! -- ken
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December 06, 2010
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Related shows or resources: Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka
Keyboard Instrumentation Needed
Could someone provide me with the patches or sounds that are called for in the two keyboard books for Willy Wonka?Also, is there a Drumset book and a percussion book or are they in the same book?
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November 19, 2010
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Related shows or resources: Thoroughly Modern Millie JR.
Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. Super Titles
Hello all...I am currently directing a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. and I am wondering if anyone knows how to create the Super Titles for the Bun Foo and Ching Ho characters. I am looking to project the English words on something that would fly in. I just don't know what I would need to do to create this. Obviously I would need a projector, but where do I put the projector, what do I project the power point on to, and how big of a job would this be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much :)
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November 04, 2010
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Related shows or resources: Disney's The Jungle Book KIDS
Disney's The Jungle Book Kids
Can anyone who has worked on this tell me how long the running time is? Is it really short? Can it stand alone as a full production? If it is short, does anyone have any suggestions for combining it with something for a program that's at least 90 minutes?Thanks.
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