Performance Accompaniment Recording

Performance Accompaniment Recording

Perform your entire musical with a pre-recorded score played by a full orchestra of LIVE professional musicians right from your Apple iOS device.


Designed for organizations that don’t have access to a live pit orchestra, MTI’s Performance Accompaniment Recordings* provide instrumental tracks for rehearsals and performances that match your show’s score note-for-note.

Do you have an orchestra but just need rehearsal tracks? Check out Performance Accompaniment Recording (Rehearsal Tracks Only).


- For theaters with 500+ seats sold*: $999.00 for up to ten (10) performances. ($100.00 per additional performance.)

- For theaters with 0 - 499 seats sold*: $750.00 for up to ten (10) performances. ($100.00 per additional performance.)

*(Pricing based on expected/average seat usage.)

  • Outstanding quality: Each Performance Accompaniment Recording was created by credentialed industry professionals and tested by thousands of organizations around the country.
  • Edits for your production: MTI can customize the tracks to your specific needs by changing the tempo up to 40%, cutting or duplicating measures and changing keys up or down a major third.
    (Please note: There is an additional charge of $50.00 an hour to make edits, with a minimum cost of half an hour. Turnaround time for edits is up to one week (five business days). If you need the edits expedited, the cost to expedite goes from $50.00 an hour to $100.00 an hour, with a guaranteed 2 business day turnaround.)
  • Rehearsal Tracks: Rehearse your entire show with the rehearsal tracks that can be distributed to cast and crew.
  • Cue Sheet: An easy-to-follow guide highlighting the major cues throughout the show.
How it Works

Performance Accompaniment Recordings are used and played from most Apple iOS devices and managed through the website,


  • Performance Tracks are played exclusively on most Apple iOS devices (running iOS 10 or higher) through our free app, The MTI Player:

Download for Apple iOS Devices.

  • Once it is downloaded, you will then open the app and enter the code (provided by MTI once your show is booked) in the access code line. You will need an Internet connection to download the music initially, but once it is downloaded to your device, the music plays through the app.  Performance Tracks are available two months prior to your performance. 


  • In addition to being available on most Apple iOS devices, Rehearsal Tracks are also available on select Android devices.  You can download the free app, The MTI Player from Google play:

Download for Android Devices.

  • Once it is downloaded, you will then open the app and enter the code in the Access Code line (provided by MTI once your show is booked). You will need an Internet connection to download the music initially, but once it is downloaded to your device, the music plays through the app.  

Please note: The Android app is only available for rehearsal music. Rehearsal tracks are available two months prior to your performance and contain the same exact orchestrations as the Performance tracks, but are copyright protected with intermittent Voice Overs to ensure they are not used for performances.

Quick Start Guide and Additional FAQs
Welcome to the Performance Accompaniment Recording Quick Start Guide and MTI Player Additional FAQs.

*Please note: All Performance Accompaniment Recordings are of the show’s Standard Orchestration only. Alternate Orchestrations are not yet available. Please contact your Representative for inquiries of their availability.

Questions & Answers

June 13, 2018
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Hunchback of Notre Dame Performance Accompaniment Tracks


I am inquiring about the pricing and availability of Performance Accompaniment Tracks for a potential production of "Hunchback of Notre Dame". 

Our school provides Microsoft Surface Pro tablets to its staff and students. Does this mean that the software will not be compatible as the Resource Info page says it only plays on Apple devices?

Also, is it possible to get performance tracks at least 3 weeks before opening night? As this show is particularly challenging and the cast/crew would need ample time to rehearse with the final audio tracks. We would be willing to pay extra for this chance. 

Finally, on the preview page I heard the choir singing in the sample of the accompaniment tracks. Are the choral trakcs included in the final version or this just for demo?

Thank you for any advice/information you can provide!

Brian Nickerson, Nock Middle School Musical Theater Director

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